December 13, 2010

Thai Boxing or Muay Thai for Boxer travels and trips

Travel to Thailand Thai Boxing or Muay Thai
        Thai Boxing. Such is the national obsession with Muay thai, or thai boxing,that when Thai Boxers are Winner many time for fight ,Olympics with the country's only gold medal for International flyweight boxing or... , Muay thai has recently enterde the canon of martial-arts cinema Ong Bak1,2 and Tom Yam Goong, were global box-office hits, and their all-punching, all-kicking star,Tony Jaa, who performed all his own stunts, has been appointed Cultural Ambassador for Thailand.

Though there are boxing venues all around the country, the very best fights are staged at Bangkok's two biggest stadiums, Rajdamnoen and Lumphini, Which are well worth attending as a cultural experience even if you have no interest in the sport itself for mor on the rule and rituals of muay thai.more boxing set.

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December 5, 2010

Dusit Zoo (Khao Din) Bangkok Zoo.

Dusit Zoo (Khao Din) 
     Dusit zoo or Suan saat Khao Din go to Across U-Thong Road from the Elephant Museum is the side entrance into Dusit Zoo, also known as Khao Din daily open 8am - 6Pm very cheap for ticket. which was once part of the Chitrlada Palace gardens, but is now a public park, the main entrance is on Thanon Rajwithi, and there's a third gate on Thanon Rama V, within walking distance of Wat Benjamabophit. All the usual suspects are here in the zoo, including big cats, Elephants,orang-utans, chimpanzees and a reptile house, but the enclosures are pretty basic. However, it's a reasonable pkace for kids to let off steam, with plenty of shade, a full complement of English-language signs, a lake with pedalos and lots of foodstalls.

Bangkok Dusit.
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