August 9, 2010

Thai Fruits "Polamai Thai"

Thai Fruits "Polamai Thai".

    It's often a strange land for foreign eyes,but weirdness is all relative. To you those fuzzy,furry,spiky,hairy,sometime humongous obscure items are just downright bizarre.But to the locals well, it's just good ol' healthy nutritious fruit.Having unfamiliar names like rambutan,mangosteen and durian only lends to the mysterious,perhaps even scary, stigma surrounding Thai fruits.Fruits are often eaten as a snack or transformed into a dessert,or featured in meals.Particularly coconuts.Street carts patrol the sidewalks with ice-chilled offerings of seasonal fruits.However these vendors don't exactly uphold hygiene standards,so proceed at your own discretion.All fruits are almost always available year round in supermarkets,but some are better at certain times of year.Here's a look at what and when to eat.

August 6, 2010

Pra Tu Nam side walk market

Pra Tu Nam side walk market.
         A ten minute walk from Central world,this sidewalk is famed for its bulk clothing deals,Loaded with knock-offs,and crowded with tourists shopping for all things casual,you'll find textiles,fabrics,fancy dress (Catwoman mask ensemble anyone?) and great jeans at affordable prices (never pay more than B600) Spreading out from the base of the looming Baiyoke Sky Hotel,it attracts a multinational mix of fast-talking traders,all on the make, and continues around the intense indoor fashion maket, Platinum Fashion mall, where everything is available at discounted rates for bulk orders.Buy thee or more and save yourself anywhere from B150-300 per item, oh very cheap!! .. maybe you interest:Bangkok Girl : A Documentary about Thailand's Night Life

August 3, 2010

Ratchada Night market nearly Sukhumvit

Ratchada Night market nearly Sukhumvit side walk shopping.
          Fri-Sat Night Parallel with Ratchadapisek-Ladprao intersection.MRT Ratchadapisek or Ladphrao Vendors at this nighttime (and teen-thronged) flea market flog all sorts of retro and secondhand stuff,from art deco lamps and ghetto blasters to Polaroids and vintage clothing.Somwhat like a country fair,it's open-air and most wares are laid out on the ground, so expect to squat a lot.Besides the used items,lots of handmade products,such as paintings and women's accessories,also squeeze into this small-city sized market; as does a live band,lot of local food and a mini motor show of classic cars and bikes (nope,thoseVW vans and pastel-coloured Vespas aren't for sale unfortunately) so worth the schlep,but bring a torch and your bargaining skills!

by bangkok1010