July 13, 2010

Bangkok's lady-toy bars revealed. THE CUSTOMER


Miss Pu is the woman who guided Spectrum to the four clubs. She is a 38-year-old single businesswoman who has been taking men out from various clubs for the past three years.
How did you learn about these clubs?
I once heard that there was a club in Japan where handsome guys come to entertain women, but I didn't know they are also in Thailand until I heard about it from a friend. I was interested and we went there together. At that time these places were exclusively for women, but now many things have changed and they allow gay men to enter as well. Maybe it is a marketing strategy, so they can make more money. However, I prefer women-only clubs. They are much better and more exclusive than those with gay men.
Why do you like to visit the clubs?
I don't like it, I love it. Most of the men are good looking, friendly and entertaining. I feel special being with them because they take better care of me and they are much nicer than my previous and even my current boyfriend.
Do you like bars along Surawong Road?
I don't, because they sell sex only. I don't like to go there because some of the men are bisexual. The staff are also pushy.
Do you have a boyfriend?
I have a European boyfriend who comes to Thailand from time to time. When he is not here, I visit these clubs almost every night.
When did you visit your first club?
It was about three years ago when I worked in a lounge on Ratchadaphisek Road. My friend took me to a women-only club nearby after work. I was surprised that I could choose a guy to sit with me at the table while others were lining up at the table for us to choose. Some of them were very handsome. They knew how to take care of girls both inside the club and outside. From then on I went to some other places, including clubs along Surawong Road, but it was too embarrassing to see an explicit sex show with male organs displayed. I stopped going to such places.
Why don't you pick up men somewhere else? Why do you want to pay?
I am too lazy to pick up guys, whether in discos or in pubs. I prefer to have someone who will take care of me, not the other way around.
What do you like in women-only clubs?
Drinking, dancing, talking - basically I like to have fun. Of course, it is expensive but it's worthwhile. You can have real fun there.
Do you have a favourite man to entertain you?
Once I had one, but a rich woman took him away. He was a very nice person and I liked him very much.
Do the men you meet in clubs ever pester you?
This has never happened and that's the way I like it.

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