July 5, 2010

Bangkok's lady-toy bars revealed ( Club A)


There are more than 10 clubs around Bangkok where women can hire male escorts. However, some of these also service gay men, which is a growing trend. One such club is located in a narrow lane off Surawong Road near Patpong.
Regarded as a low-class venue, the club employs about 40menwhopose, go-go dance in bikinis and also perform in erotic shows.
The club consists of about 30 tables with a stage in the middle fitted out with colourful reflectors above. The lights are dimmed during sex shows and often it's hard to talk above the din of blaring music.
The staff, including waiters, are pushy, constantly offeringmento sit with the clients so drinks can be ordered; 300 baht for an alcoholic beverage and 240 baht for a soft drink.
The club is popular with both Thai and Asian women, especially Japanese, who are the most frequent guests. Most of those Spectrum spoke to said they were married, but bored with their husbands who were usually tired after work and neglected them.
The men for hire at the club ranged in age from 16 to their late thirties, with most coming from the Northeast of Thailand. Many had tattoos and only a few could converse in English. They frequently exposed their genitals - some wearing a condom - whether on the stage or approaching female customers at a table.
Shortly after entering the club, Spectrum was approached by an apparently gay manager who introduced himself as Mr Kai. He tried to introduce the team to several men who came to the table exposing their genitals. To justify their visit and make an excuse for going there, the researchers said they had come to find out if it was possible to hire a man for their foreign friend who is very shy and didn't want to visit the club.
''If she is shy and doesn't want to come here then just let her call me and I will give her a description of the man - like his age, colour of his skin and size of his penis,'' said Mr Kai. ''He can meet her anywhere she wants.''
The manager said European women like to go out with dark-skinned men, of whom there are plenty in the club, while Asianwomen prefer light-skinned men, whom he can also supply.
He then gave the researchers the club's card name with his mobile number on the back.
''After Mr Kai left us, a number of men who had earlier posed on the stage making eye contact with us came to our table one by one, trying to get our attention by wearing only a condom-to our disgust and embarrassment,'' one of the researchers said.
''Most of them said: 'Do you want me? I'd like to go with you. I can do everything for you.' They even tried to grab our hands. I gave them 100 baht each just to make them go away,'' another researcher said. Some customers in the club were bar girls who came after finishing work in Patpong to pick up a man.
To take a man out, a 400 baht bar fee is paid to the club and 1,500 baht to the escort for ''short-time'' sex.
The staff watch the customers closely and it is almost impossible to take a photo. When one researcher showed her mobile phone, pretending to send a text message, she was immediately approached by a waiter who said: ''No photos. Thank you.''

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