July 11, 2010

Bangkok's lady-toy bars revealed ( Club D)


The last stop was a well-know women's only club on Ratchadaphisek Road which is open until early in the morning. The furnishings and decorations are also luxurious. Drinks start at 250 baht each for customers and 300 baht for escorts.
As at the Asoke club, the men entertain women at the table or dance with them.
''The customers include some high-class prostitutes, models, actresses and show girls who are looking for a temporary boyfriend, all prepared to pay a lot of money for the privilege. Some women are 'addicted' to it,'' said Mr Suporn, who said he was the public relations manager.
One woman customer said: 'My husband has a minor wife, so why can't I have a minor husband?''
Mr Suporn said that the men who apply to work there are carefully screened. ''He tried hard to get men to our table and said: 'If you both are shy, I will arrange for you to pick up the guy outside','' said a researcher.
''Obviously, this is the bottom line of every club - to have as many drinks as possible, pay the bar fine and take the men out. All the clubs we went to are making money, maybe that's why they keep a low profile and don't advertise.''

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