July 9, 2010

Bangkok's lady-toy bars revealed ( Club B)


One of the most popular and exclusive women's only clubs is located on the 18th floor of an office tower on Asoke Road. The club has no name and they don't advertise or give out name cards.
There's no show, only a dance floor. The male escorts are handsome and well-groomed and wear a suit and tie. The place is packed every night after 2am, especially at weekends, when it closes about 5am.
The decorations and furnishing are luxurious. The taped music is also very loud and there is a large video screen. Again, taking photos is strictly prohibited and trying to do so will get you thrown out.
''Most of the customers are between 20 and 30, but someappeared to be close to 50,'' a researcher said. ''We saw some young and beautiful women there being entertained by men. Only hi-so women go there because it is very expensive.
''The club has been open for about four years and is well known to many rich and famous women. Hosts entertain customers by dancing, playing games and talking. There's no touching, but kissing is permitted.
''The security guards downstairs tell you where to park your car, how to get in, and if you are there for the first time, he will point out the elevator to the 18th floor. Then you have to walk up some steps before getting inside the actual club.
''We saw many customers arriving after 2am. There were Thai women and some from Japan, Korea and Singapore. All were well dressed and attractive, including some Thai models and show girls.''
If you are interested in a man you have to talk to the manager. Initially the cost is 600 baht for two drinks, and after that 300 baht a drink. The club deducts 40 baht from the drink and the rest goes to the escort. Some drinks costmorethan 1,000 baht each, making the club out of reach for most women.
The club employs about 40 men, some who claim to be university students. They entertain women by playing drinking games at the table, talking and dancing. However, they treat the customers like they are their girlfriends. There are no shows.
''The men we sat with didn't openly offer sex. However, if you want to take a man for whatever purpose, the bar fine is 1,500 baht. As for sex, thewomanhas to discuss the price with the man. It has nothing to do with the club. They don't want to know,'' oneresearcher said.
''Mr Toy, the club's manager, said some menwhoused to work therenowhavewomen looking after them who pay them salaries and cover their rent and other expenses''.

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