June 22, 2010

Bangkok Sukumvit at Bed Supper club Wattana 26 Soi Sukhumvit 11

Bed Supper club Wattana 26 Soi Sukhumvit 11
            Like Ridley Scott's blade runner,Sukhumvit Road is afuturistic thriler- aflawed,frenetic,yet often compeling urban streetscape.Towering hotels,condominiums and offices sprawl east across its skyline,while down below a global who's who races anonymausly among them,Along its main stretch cars and c oncrete assail the senses, while sown its many flanking sois calmer, more serene atmoshers ufold.
         One a suburvan backwater dominated by a stretch of rice fields,Sukhumvit has evolved ito the residential destination of choice for aspirational Thais and the expats who work with them.As a result, it has developed its own village culture-marked vy twee cafe's achingly hip boutiques and a veriable nations of fantastical day spas. In other woeds,when temple and museum-weariness set in, Sukhumvit could very well offer the perfect antidote. Only helping matters is the Skytain,which swooshes like aslo-mo vullet above ti.
         Get a quick jump on the day and loosen up with a morning stroll aronund the lake in Benjakitti Paek. Located adjacent to the Queen Sirikit National Convention Center, Which hosts world class expos weekly ,It is easily accessible via the cente's MRT stop. Next head to the Siam Society for a quick shot of culture. On Asoke Road (the unofficial "border" die-hard Sukhumvit dwellers rarely cross) it's an organisation dedicated to the preservation of Thai heritage, art and culture through study trips, lectures and exhibitions. And out back is a stunning Northern Lanna teak house/ethnological museum. ........

credit by : bangkok101


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